Friday, January 6, 2017

Review: Push and Shove - The Academy - C.L Stone

Push and Shove (The Ghost Bird, #6)

Review: Push and Shove - The Academy - Book #6 The Ghost Bird Series - C.L Stone - June 2014

I have to admit, I do enjoy this series, but sometimes it gets on my nerves. It's almost like one step forward and two steps back with the characters. Just as we think something great is going to happen, it gets ruined. In Push and Shove, there is a new drug that is circling Ashley West school and the students - JH14. It is causing outbursts of rage and paranoia and hallucinations, but untraceable. Adding to this mess is that the Principal Hendricks is still following the boys and seems to have recruited a few of the school teachers and students as spies. In Push and Shove, we catch more of a glimpse of Wil, and I do wonder what his part in the book is and whether in the end he will be revealed with a more major character. Sang finally gets a kiss, and I have to admit I didn't see this person being the first, to have a proper kiss, but then again it totally makes sense. I have to admit I love the last couple of books though as they give readers more pages of Sean Green ( Dr. Green) and Owen (Mr. Blackbourne). We do get to see that Sang is growing in herself as a person especially in the sexual interests, but what annoyed me about this book is that the boys can't make up their mind about loving her. It's like come on boys, grow some balls and tell Sang you love her or at least kiss her properly and then explain the situation as here she is feeling all rejected, and it would have been fixed if they all bloody well communicated with each other properly instead of pussy-footing around the issues of "I'm in love with Sang".  Back to a positive, the other thing I enjoyed but not too much as I ached for Nathan was that we got to learn more about his horrible home life. After finishing, Push and Shove I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series as it seems that the characters are finally starting to grow up a bit and step up to the plate.


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