Sunday, October 29, 2017

Review: Bad Princess - Julianna Keyes

Bad Princess

Review: Bad Princess - Julianna Keyes - November 2017

One of my favorite tropes to read about is Royalty fiction. I guess this could stem from my love of  Disney Princesses and movies starring Prince and Princesses like The Prince and Me. In Julianna Keyes's new book Bad Princess, we are introduced to Brinley who is the second daughter of the current King and Queen of Estau. Brinley as a second child was always the one to get into mischief; she was the crazy one who always wanted to live her life to the full and had no inhibitions. She was confident and loved to have fun. She was also never to be Queen, that responsibility was to go to her older sister, but things changed when her sister – Miss Perfect abdicated the throne and ran off with her lumberjack hacking boyfriend to live in the South Pacific. Now Brinley is being married to Finn – this would be ok as Brinley has always had a crush on him, but she doesn’t want to be his second choice and have him forced to marry her especially if he doesn’t love her. What  Brinley doesn’t realize though is that Finn too has always loved Brinley and would do anything for her? When Brinley’s sister shows up, Brinley has a decision to make – will she stay married to Finn and be the next ruler of Estau or will she run away and join her sister away from the kingdom?  Find out in this awesome royalty romance – Bad Princess by Julianna Keyes.

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