Review: Expelled - James Patterson and Emily Raymond


Review: Expelled - James Patterson and Emily Raymond - October 2017

Remember when I was saying how the new theme in teen books seems to be The Breakfast Club with a mystery twist. Expelled by James Patterson and Emily Raymond is another book on that theme. In the case of Expelled though, they are at the Do not pass Go, Do not collect $200 but instead of going straight to detention they have been expelled.  Will Foster had a secret twitter account where he exposed the school student's secrets - he was his school's version of Gossip Girl. Except when a photo is posted to his account, the person hasn't covered their tracks and has set up Will Foster and the people in the photo - Jude who is the school's mascot and Will's best friend and Parker - the school quarterback. There is also was a fourth person expelled Sasha. Will can't believe how unfair this is and without school and his final grades, there goes his chance of entering college. After talking to his friend and getting Parker and Sasha on board, Will decides to create a video proclaiming their innocence but as they the video goes along - Will discovers that stories aren't adding up and that the other's may not be as innocent as they proclaim and that they are hiding secrets? What secrets will Will uncover? Find out in Expelled by James Patterson and Emily Patterson with their latest YA release.


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