Monday, October 16, 2017

Review: Squad Goals - Geek Actually #13 - Cathy Yardley

Squad Goals (Geek Actually #1.13)

Review: Squad Goals - Episode #13 Geek Actually Serial - Cathy Yardley - August 2017

For all those who have a bit of nerd or geek inside of us all, you will love the Geek Actually Serials. I have been enjoying them over the past thirteen episodes and getting to know the characters and their lives. This particular episode I loved and hated, I loved the fact that the characters decided to finally take a step back from their lives and re-evaluate them up to do whether it be personal or work and that when Elli suffered rape at Comic-Con that they all came together to give Elli the support she needed. They were all their for their friend no matter what they were doing, they just up and dropped everything which I loved as it showed how much they cared. The part I hated was that the serial never had any strong resolution or ending. It was like ok, so this chapter of our lives is over and now we are off to do the next chapter, but you aren't invited to that part as this is the end of the Serial books. The rape part in this book got me thinking as currently there is a #metoo going around about women who have been at one point in their lives sexually harassed or assaulted and the number of #metoo responses is seriously shocking. The way the statistics are going, it will be difficult more to find a female that hasn’t than one that has.
This is a good read, but only if you have spent your time reading the earlier books and want to conclude the serial.

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