Monday, October 23, 2017

Review: Pretty Stolen Dolls - K.Webster and Ker Dukey

Pretty Stolen Dolls (Pretty Little Dolls, #1)

Review: Pretty Stolen Dolls - Book #1 Pretty Little Dolls Series - Ker Dukey and K. Webster- September 2016
Lately, I have wanted to read Dark Fiction as haven't felt in the mood for romances. I also recently got the fourth book in this series, and after talking with a friend about it, I decided it was high time that I started reading the series. I knew that it would be dark and edgy as both K. Webster and Ker Dukey are known widely for their dark fiction novels which pack a punch or two. In Pretty Stolen Dolls, we first meet sisters Jade and Macy Phillips who are stolen from a fair by Benny. Benny keeps them captured and calls him their dolls. He has Jade his perfect Pretty Little Doll and Macy - his Broken Doll. Four years after their capture, Jade manages to escape and plans to go back to Macy when she can track him down. Years pass, and Jade becomes a Police Officer. What will happen when it is discovered that Benny is back when young girls matching his MO disappear? Benny is back, and Macy is no longer the innocent bystander but just or even more psychotic. Can Jade track down Benny and stop him or will Benny get his little doll back in her cage where she belongs? Pretty Stolen Dolls was a good dark start to this series, and it’s storyline and darkness makes you want to continue the series.


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