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Review: Beauty and the Mustache - Penny Reid

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Beauty and the Mustache (Knitting in the City, #4)

Review: Beauty and the Mustache - Book #4 Knitting in the City , Book #0.5 Winston Brothers Series - Penny Reid - December 2014

I have to admit I am not a major fan of the Knitting in the City series as the characters seem to rub me the wrong way, but  The Winston Brothers series is a whole different story. So though Beauty and the Mustache is technically a Knitting in the City story, I decided to read it due to the main character being a Winston.  Beauty and the Mustache is the story of Ashley Winston who has just arrived home after being away in Chicago for the past eight years. Mama Winston - Bethany is sick and dying and doesn't have long to live. Her mum has also made Dr. Drew Runous her power of attorney, and he also owns her house, so that when the time came to it, their father wouldn't have any claim as long as they stand a united front. I love this family so much as each one is just a hard case kind of guy and Ashley falls right in the middle of them. Ashley doesn't want to fall in love with Drew, but even though he is the most irritating person in the world and talks in Nietzche quotes, he is also equally attractive. Drew envies the Winston Family as his family too was burned by Darrell Winston but found Bethany like a mother figure too him and the Winston Brothers have become like his own, but Ashley he loves her in a different way – the way a brother shouldn't love a sister. Will the Winston Brothers accept Drew as Ashley's lover or will this mess up the dynamic of the Winston family? Find out in Book #0.5 of the Winston Brothers and Book #4 of Knitting in the City as back home in Chicago - Ashley was part of the Knitting group, and the characters do a crossover in the book.

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