Friday, February 9, 2018

Review: The Elder - Mississippi Kings - Celia Aaron

The Elder

Review: The Elder - Book #1 Mississippi Kings - Celia Aaron - February 2018
When I saw this book was being released, it was one of the books that would go on my automatically wanting to read list as I love Celia Aaron as an author. Set in the South in Mississipi in a small community called Azalea, there is a family called the Kings who own the local law firm. Their father Randall King is one of the pillars of the community and owns the law firm where his son is set to inherit. One morning Randall King is murdered, and now local detectives will work at trying to find out what happened and more importantly what was kept in the safe. Soon not only Benton King but local law enforcement will realize just how dirty the heads and important figures of Azalea are, as more murders start to occur. What is the reason that these people are being murdered? Were they part of a cover-up or is someone trying to get revenge on the players of the community? I have to admit I had a little idea what was going on especially when Randall's affairs were brought to light. I loved Arabella's daughter, her moments with Benton were adorable and I liked how Celia ties the missing Okra case into the Randall King murders. If you are a fan of Romantic Suspense novels, then check out Celia Aaron's latest release "The Elder" as you will not be disappointed.

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