VBT# Cascading Petals - Jane C. Brady

Cascading Petals

Review: Cascading Petals - Jane C. Brady - December 2017
I have to admit the cover for this book is deceiving as it shows a happy girl with a country theme with the boy and horse. Opening the pages though, I would later come to realize how much this book would affect me. To give readers a heads up, this book touches on Bullying and Suicide. As someone who was bullied in school and eventually in workplaces as well, I always find this sort of books touching to me as they strike something in me that I can resonate with.  This book starts with Jewel Hart who plans this Senior year will be different than the past few years but unfortunately, she is still the victim of bullying, but this time it is a little different as newcomer Kaiden befriends Jewel and she has an ally finally to make her life a bit more bearable. During the novel, her little group of friends will grow from none to three. She will finally find a group of friends that like her have been victims of bullying and be seen as loners or outcasts. The group will become thick as thieves, but unfortunately, tragedy will come to this group as friends as the bullying has still been happening for this group, and one of the foursomes has reached their teether and can't take it anymore and ends in suicide. This book talks about how people bully and the reasons behind the bullying, even though when you are the one bullied you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just remember that more often than not there is and that suicide is not the solution even though trust me, it does seem like the only option sometimes. From someone who was bullied, life does eventually get better as you will meet someone who accepts you for who you are and they will never let anyone harm you.  This book is for anyone who has ever been the bullied or is a bully as it will bring to light from both sides of the coin.


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