VBT# Hesi-Dating - Zoe Forward

Review: Hesi-Dating - Zoe Forward - January 2024

It feels like a while since I have done a VBT for Xpresso Book Tours and what better one to start with for the year than Zoe Forward's new romance Hesi-Dating.  I have to admit I did Google Hesi-Dating as a few things ran through my head before I started the book, In my confusion I had thought Hesi was like the Indian word Desi. Then a couple more things came up from the fact that the main female character is studying Dental Hygiene and the exam that they take to move on is called the HESI and,  last but not least, Hesi-dating is when you hesitate about what you want in a dating situation - are you casual or wanting more but can't make up your mind? As I got reading and came upon the part where the main female Joely talks about her family, another lightbulb went off in my head as I swore I had read a book that contained this family, and turns out I was right - Doc Showmance featured the older sister Amber. In Hesi-Dating this is Joely's story about finally finding her match as she is great at matching everyone else with their perfect match but when it comes to her - she tends to go for guys that are bad eggs. One of those bad eggs is Nosh - her friend who is a career criminal and wanted by the FBI. Joely's latest date is the local Sheriff Seth Briscoe who by all means is the perfect match for Joely, but with her friendship with Nosh. She needs to stay clear of Seth as if both lives clash, then Joely could find herself in a heap of trouble from either side. Can Seth prove to Joely that she is his perfect match and he accepts her for baggage and all or will Nosh be the cause of another failed relationship for Joely? Find out in this fun romantic comedy, that can be read as a sequel to Doc Showmance or as a stand-alone - Hesi-Dating by Zoe Forward.


Amazon: https://amzn.to/47A3j6E


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