Saturday, September 25, 2010

Killer Cocktail : A Molly Forrester Novel - Sheryl J. Anderson

                                                                   Killer Cocktail (Minotaur Mysteries)
Want a light-hearted mystery to read whilst sipping on your martini or cocktail ?

Review : Killer Cocktail -Sheryl J Anderson - A Molly Forrester Novel  - 2005

"Solving a Murder is like falling in Love , you get caught up in it, then Boom its over and you vow never to do it again ,till next time".

Meet Molly Forrester , Advice Columnist for Zeitgeist Magazine and One-time murder solver. Molly needs time out , after solving the murder of her deceased editor she fell in love with a cop and thought her career as a serious journalist would skyrocket off but to her dismay none of that happened . Her friends sensing her depressed state decide to invite her to the Hamptons to a flash engagement party with lots of wine , partying and guys if need be. All is going well , till the girls get a knock on the door by the fiance to say his fiancee has been found dead . Molly sees this as a window to her dream job , Can she help save the day by clearing the fiance and finding the true murderer . Look out for wine-fuelled arguments, bridal wars , expensive jewellery and a case of I'm the better daughter-in law syndrome .A fun-filled and light hearted mystery not to be missed , keeps you guessing right up to the last chapter.

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