Teen Bites : Wickford High: The Revelation - Karen Fuller

                                                                   The Revelation (Wickford High)

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Review : Wickford High : The Revelation - Karen Fuller -2010

Sometimes it's the small publishing companies that release the awesome books to read , the ones that give unknown authors a chance to shine, to make their mark on the world.
Author Karen Fuller is one of those authors , she has just released a new series called Wickford High - it is set in a community, a small town -where the majority of the families have some kind of Supernatural power - it reminded me a bit of the Television Show "The Gates".
When we read it , we are introduced to the main star of the book Vicky , after her mum passed away her dad and her have moved to the town her mother grew up in and now Vicky is attending a school where odd things are happening.
We are first introduced to Luke Wolfburn , with his extensive hearing skills and abilities to move fast and his parents own a great restaurant  -any guesses what Luke is ?
To Sara - a black magic witch who has been scaring all the students off and nobody crosses with Sara unless they wish to be cursed for eternity.
Sara and Vicky get off to a bad start but when Sara confronts Vicky , it seems Sara is about to get alot more than she bargained for . Who is Vicky and what is she exactly and how is she connected to a small town she's never visited or heard of before ?
Looking forward to Book #2 : Wickford High -Furiously Tempted

For more Information Head to :
http://knightromancepublishing.com or http://karenfullerauthor.webs.com


  1. Oh, it sounds like a really good series!
    Thanks so much!

  2. Came from the comment train!

    I totally agree with you that sometimes the indie pubs put out some real gems! Sounds like it will turn out to be an interesting series!

  3. This sounds like a really intriguing series. We enjoy "The Gates" so I imagine I would really get into this. Thanks for the heads-up.


  4. Sounds intriguing. Thanks for letting us know about a lesser-known series.


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