Saturday, September 25, 2010

Love in Translation

                                                           Love in Translation: A Novel
Even Love is an international thing , you've seen the movie Lost in Translation , now read the book Love in Translation.

Review : Love in Translation - Wendy Nelson Tokunga -2009

Meet Celeste Duncan , she has no family, a dead-end career and a boyfriend who won't do anything due to a perfection complex. Out of the Blue , Celeste receives a strange phone call telling her that an Aunt of hers has passed away , which Celeste thinks is odd as she has been in foster care since the age of 10 when the system couldn't find any living relatives. Over the next few days , she receives a box full of heirlooms that might just lead her to the question she's been asking all her life - who is my father ? . On an impulse , Celeste catches a plane to Japan where she meets a mixture of Characters from The Kubota's - Her Homestay Family ,Mariko - her crazy Japanese language instructor to Sakuri Santora - The host of a Japanese TV Show and the ex-girlfriend of Takuya (the guy Celeste accidentally asked to marry him).

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