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A Lesson of Passion - Jennifer Connors

                                                                A Lesson in Passion

Want a time -travelling romance to keep you on your toes ?

Review: A Lesson in Passion - Jennifer Connors - 2009

Ginny has been one of those girls that finds it hard to keep men around for a long time , so she has created the 3 date rule to save herself from getting hurt and also seeing if they are potential matches. As I was reading the first chapter especially the part of the 3 date rules, my mind kept flicking back and thinking of the movie starring the girl from My Big Fat Greek Wedding and My Life in Ruins - Nia Vardalos and the actor John Corbett , the movie is called "I hate Valentines Day" and Nia's role in the movie in order not to get hurt or stung by men , she only has three dates and then cuts her losses .
It's Vacation time in A Lesson in Passion and every year best friends Ginny and Lisa alternate between destinations. This year it's Lisa's turn and they are headed off to a resort in Jamaica. Ginny in a huge rush that she forgot to buy books and goes to the library borrows the bag of romance novels that her friend Holly recommended that they are like porn for women.
As they arrive at the resort, Ginny realises that Lisa has left out one important detail - the whole island resort is booked out the week for a Gay/Lesbian Alliance Week , which is alright for Lisa as she's a lesbian but for Straight and narrow Ginny - it seems like the week is going to be just her and her steamy historical novels.
As the week finishes, they are on their way home and wham bam an accident occurs and Ginny has found herself wound back into the scenes that are only found in romance novels - Early Scotland and she has come back as a mistress.
Will Ginny ever find her way home and what mischief and antics will Ginny get into when a Modern day girl meets Early Scotland with all those rogue highlanders.
A fun story that will bring Ginny right between the pages of the romance novels and will leave her cursing Holly for lending them to her. Will Ginny be able to find true love in early Scotland or will he current reality reflect in her state in Scotland ?
Find out in A Lesson of Passion by Jennifer Connors.

There is a Sequel to A Lesson of Passion titled A Lesson of Forgiveness which travels Ginny to another time and another place lets just hope its the right year and place.

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  1. This novel sounds great. I love time travellling and the Scottish highlands. Sounds very much like Diana Gabaldon but lighter and more modern day. Great Review


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