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VBT# A Life Forward - T.H Meyer


Review: A Life Redefined -Book #1 Life Series -Tracy Hewitt Meyer - June 2013

In Rowan's family, she is known as the girl who ruined everything after her baby brother died when she was eight years old. From that moment on, it seems that whenever anything goes wrong, it is Rowan's fault despite the rest of her family's failings. Rowan is the reason her father hates her family, the reason her mum won't get out of bed and the reason her sister is traipsing all around the school. What will happen though when something positive happens to Rowan as Mike - the school quarterback asks her to the Prom . Will her family stand in the way of her happiness once again, especially when her younger sister spreads lies about Mike which end up getting the police involved.  Will Rowan discover a guardian angel that will help her to escape the past she has been caged in , in order to move on with her future plans and what will happen when the truth about why and how her baby brother "really" died comes pouring out in the end?
Find out in this edgy novel, which if you loved Rebecca Donovan's Reason to Breathe series - you will really enjoy "A Life, Redefined" as it touches on similar but less abusive issues and scenarios as where Rebecca's books are more physical violence, Tracey Hewitt Meyer's tend to be more emotional and verbal abuse.



Review: A Life Forward - Book #2 Life Series - Tracy Hewitt Meyer - April 2014

Rowan's life is starting to look up with her mother in jail and her father elsewhere and she is happy living with her new family - the Andersons. Life should be great and heading forward for Rowan. However, things aren't all peachy keen as secrets from her past threaten to re-surface and if they do , will she lose everything she has tried so hard to work for ? What will happen when they start bubbling to the surface ? Can Rowan cope with all the stress or will her bad habits of cutting and self-harm from three years ago come creeping back into action when she spots Mike's razor just sitting there in the bathroom cupboard . Also it seems that Rowan can never catch a break and in a way I feel sorry for her character as her sister Trina who is a b***h and in some ways reminds me of my sister sets her up to fail and look bad . Also in Book #2 Rowan will have to cope with another death in the family. Is this enough to push her over the edge or will she discover that this time around - she actually has people who care about her and who can help pull her up from the depths of her worries.
Find out in Book #2 A Life Forward by Tracy Hewitt Meyer where Rowan will learn that no matter how far you try to distance yourself from your past - it is always there hiding around the corner and the only way to move on is to accept what has happened and process from there as no matter what happens , it will always find a way to sneak back up on you.
This series is perfect for those who love Teenage/New Adult Grittiness.


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