Wednesday, April 30, 2014

VBT# Temptation - K.M Golland - Part 2/2 . Dream Casting : Bryce Edward Clark


Meet Bryce from Temptation

Name: Bryce Edward Clark

Height: 6”5

Age: 36

Build: Athletic (He has to be. He teaches self-defence to women and likes to take Alexis on every surface imaginable)

Hair Colour: Dirty Blond

Eye Colour: Blue

Occupation: CEO of a Hotel chain.

Demeanour: He’s a gentleman, but watch out if you screw with anyone he loves. He is cocky, but sweet. And he is a man who always gets what he wants.

Weakness: Clowns (He hates them) ...and Alexis. She is the only one who has ever brought him to his knees... many times.

Talents: He plays the Guitar. Is a pilot. Has a degree in Astrophysics and some might say... Creepy Research. And he can cook a mean heart-shaped dish.

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