Friday, April 25, 2014

VBT# Savannah Young 'Wilde Riders'


Review: Wilde Riders - Book #1 Old Town Country Romance Series - Savannah Young - February 2014
Ever since he was younger,  Cooper Wilde - the 2nd brother out of 4 brothers has always known he was destined for big things, things that could not be accomplished in his hometown of Old Town. He was destined for the city life, not the country life unlike his brothers who still live in Old Town. Six months ago, he came home for his Dad's funeral and then left again. Now his older brother Jake is in trouble with the family bar and is being investigated for fraud. Cooper, being the only with a business sense heads back home to help. The thing is though, he starts to fall in love with Riley - the one investigating the bar . This would go alot more smoothly if he didn't have to pretend around her as she has made it clear she does not go for Wall Street Wannabes and at this rate Cooper ticks all of the boxes of who she should not date. What will happen though when she discovers that Cooper is everything she hates in a guy and not the country hick she thought she was sleeping and getting to know ?
What will happen when the time is up and they both have to return to reality ? Will the fantasy work in the real world or will they discover that their lives really are too different ?
Find out in Book #1 of Savannah Young's new series "Wilde Riders".


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  1. Thank you so much for hosting me on your website! I appreciate it!
    Savannah Young


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