Thursday, March 24, 2016

Review: Pretty Little Liars : Be My Sweetheart - Artist Arthur

Pretty Little Liars: Be My Sweetheart (Kindle Worlds Short Story)

Review: Pretty Little Liars : Be My Sweetheart - Artist Arthur - June 2013

As we wait patiently for Season #7 to begin and since Season #6 was only a few episodes, I felt that I was still on a need for some Pretty Little Liars action and I remembered that I had quite a few of the PLL Kindle World stories on my Kindle app. Be My Sweetheart has the girls still at Rosewood and the Sweetheart Dance is coming up but of course nothing ever goes the way the girls want as "A" or Ali is still stalking them and it may get a little worse as their secrets are teetering to being exposed to the whole school if they are not careful.  Aria is still hoping for more with Ezra, but he is putting his foot down and wanting them to forget it ever happened and remain as Student/Teacher but that's alright for Aria as newcomer Zach Taylor has captured her attention and will be her date to the dance, Emily is still single and has decided to attend the dance Stag. Spencer - famous for kissing other's boyfriends and being a second choice option has Wren in her clutches - though Toby is in the background as a possibility and Hanna - in most of the books , she is with Sean ( remember the blonde haired guy from Season One) and of course they are up for Sweetheart King and Queen. Will the Pretty Little Liars get one night off to have fun and be away from "A" or will she find a way to leak their secrets and ruin their evening - even at the Sweetheart Dance ? 
Find out in " Be My Sweetheart" by Artist Arthur. Another fun and quick read -suitable and perfect for all Pretty Little Liars fans.

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