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Review: They Call Me Alexandra Gastone - T.A Maclagan

They Call Me Alexandra Gastone

Review: They Call Me Alexandra Gastone - T.A Maclagan - May 2015

When Milena was seven years old , after her mother died she was sent to a training camp in their country of Olissa and was trained to become a spy which is part of a revolutionary group called Perun who fight for Olissa and everything that has been stolen from them due to the Americans. Upon completion of her training she was sent to America to go undercover as Alexandra Gastone - a granddaughter of an CIA agent Albert Gastone . Alexandra and her family have been killed in a car crash, so it's the perfect in. The plan was to stay doormant and then once she graduates from college to join the CIA and then become a double agent. Now she is 16 years old and has been alerted that she needs to kill the Prime Minister and her agent field days are about to start. What will happen though when her loyalties become murky as she has grown to love Albert as if he really was her grandfather , what about her friends and boyfriend ? As the book goes along, we discover that commands aren't as they seem and maybe what Milena has been trained for is wrong especially when she discovers that their is a file on her from the CIA ? Has anything the past years been true or has everyone just been living one big lie ?  They Call Me Alexandra Gastone was an amazing read and more so suprising that it was a New Zealand Fiction as often I have found some NZ books to be a tad boring . Not to give the ending away, but readers be prepared for a massive twist as when I read the last page I was like OMG aaah and wanted more , so am hoping that the author publishes a sequel book or one from the other character's POV.
If you love spy stories , kick-ass females and adventure then you will love They Call Me Alexandra Gastone by T.A Maclagan .

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