Tuesday, March 29, 2016

VBT# Dirty Girl (Part #1) - Allie Cooke

Dirty Girl

Review: Dirty Girl (Part #1) - The Velvet Rope Series - Allie Cooke - March 2016

First off , I wanted to read this book as it sounded interesting , but one thing readers is that even though I have just finished the first part of the book - it will be a serial with three parts. I still don't actually know what this book is about as to me it felt disjointed and I have no idea exactly what the characters are supposed to be doing etc. The book introduces us to Charity who is one of those closet sex fiends who at night, she loves role playing and having sex with random guys in the bathrooms of clubs which she visits each one frequently and has a couple of rules - always use a condom and never frequent the same establishment in a row. We discover she is being watched, still not sure why by a guy called Angus and soon he follows her to one of the clubs and while she is ordering basically fingers her causing her to orgasm right in the middle of the crowded room and then disappears. Eventually he comes back and he strikes up a deal , again not sure really what sort of deal they were brokering for on her side of the world but he takes her to a club that has a lot of kinky going on and then opens her eyes to the world of BDSM and Sexual Kinks. After that the book stops and even a few days later trying to think about what I read, I have to admit I'm still a tad confused and hoping that by the end of the three part serial - I should have a fair idea of what is happening in terms of a plot.


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