Friday, March 18, 2016

VBT# Last Vacation - Sarah Elle Emm


Last Vacation

Review: Last Vacation - Sarah Elle Emm - January 2016

Megan's identical twin sister Maddy is a free-spirited , traveller and though they may look identical -that's where the similiarities stop. The one thing that Megan can always count on though is that no matter where in the world Maddy is travelling , she will always let Megan know where she is and that she is safe and sound before moving onto a new location. However, when Megan doesn't hear from Maddy ,her twin senses start tingling and she knows that something is wrong. Turns out that Maddy has been kidnapped by her boyfriend's bodyguard Trevor and now is part of a revenge game and Maddy is the bait. Megan arrives on the island trying to find Maddy but is being stonewalled and no-one is taking her seriously. Enter Gabe , he is working undercover at the local resturant but in fact he is an FBI agent tracking down Victor Torrez and his drug cartel which seem to be the same ones who took Maddy. Can Gabe help Megan to keep a low profile and find Maddy alive or will her looking identical to Maddy draw unwanted attention and have Megan as the next victim alongside her sister ?  A fast-paced romantic suspense story , Last Vacation covers not only the suspense side of Kidnapping and Drugs but also the Romantic side of Gabe and Megan and a Vacation that neither Maddy or Megan will ever forget and who knows this vacation may be the experience needed to bring Maddy back home with Megan to Naples. Find out in Last Vacation by Sarah Elle Emm today.

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