Monday, March 14, 2016

VBT# This is War, Baby - K.Webster

When I got this book I wasn't sure what to expect , all I knew was that it would be a really good read as I had previously enjoyed Erased by K.Webster and I knew it would be a dark read as I had read that it's content was considered Dark Fiction. I was in the mood for some dark , so I cracked open this book on my E-reader and from the first line I was drawn in as we read as the main character Baylee is naked with her boyfriend Brandon when an intruder arrives and snatches her away.  The reader is then transported to Baylee in the present where she has awoken in a dark hole and we discover that her kidnapper is Gabe - her dad's best friend , an old family friend and her next door neighbour. He is also a guy who Baylee has had a crush on, but now it turns out he is evil and sadistic as he is part of a human trafficking ring and Baylee is the next girl up for auction. Prior to the auction, Gabe will train Baylee on how to be the perfect sex slave -with the warning that he will come back for her . Baylee is sold at the auction for $5 million dollars to Warren aka War -he is naive as he believes he has brought her from a Elite Dating service.  War just wants a companion as he is living in a mental health state world. As the book goes along , we read as War tries to make Baylee's life easier and she gets in contact with her parents, what will happen though when she discovers they haven't reported her missing ? Was her father in on the game and transaction ? Just when her life starts to resume to a little bit of normality though it seems Gabe has tracked her down and wants her back and will stop at nothing to get what he believes is his Baylee back even if it means committing a few indecent acts along the way.  This is War, Baby ends on a sad cliffhanger and now though I can't wait to read Book #2 to find out about what happens to Baylee next.

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