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The Suffragette Takes a Husband Book Blast‏

The Suffragette Takes a Husband
By Linda Gilman

THE SUFFRAGETTE TAKES A HUSBAND by Linda Gilman is a witty, playful, fun tale of two opposites attracting in a time and place where the lives of men and women couldn’t be more different. In this second book by humorous historical romance author, Linda Gilman, a proud Pinkerton tangles with one stubborn Suffragette. Parker Reams, wants revenge. Callidora Truworthy, wants independence. In this battle of the sexes it comes down to one thing: does a fake engagement have any hope of becoming a real relationship?

Join Linda Gilman and the Killion Group as we celebrate the release of The Suffragette Takes a Husband with this 13 stop Book Blast from April 18th to the 22nd. Included in this book blast is exclusive content, a spotlight of the book, reviews, guest post, an interview, and a giveaway. One GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive a $25 Amazon gift card and a SIGNED copy of The Courtship of Utopia Miner!

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Title: The Suffragette Takes a Husband
Author: Linda Gilman
Series: The Gold Rush Brides Series #1
Genre: Western Romance
Release Date: April 19th, 2016
Publisher: Golden Pen Publishing
Print Length: 227 pages
Format: Paperback and Digital
Print ISBN: 9781523717224
Digital ISBN: 1523717224

Pinkerton agent, Parker Reams, is stuck in Nebraska without a horse, and he’s flat broke. Parker is prepared to stow away in a boxcar headed west to track and kill the men who murdered his brother.  Out of the blue, a stranger offers Parker traveling money and free passage to South Pass City, Wyoming, that’s the very town where the gang he’s after is headed. To repay the stranger for his generosity, Parker agrees to track down the man’s fiancée and break off an unwanted engagement. Meeting with this fiancée should only take a day and be but a brief delay in his plan of revenge.

Callidora Truworthy is an independent woman with her mind set on being single. To end her father’s matchmaking, Callidora has hired an actor to pose as a horrible fiancé. The scrawny man in her tintype photo arrives on today’s stage. Based on looks alone, she’s sure her father’s going to dislike him. She has quite a shock when a rugged, sexy, six foot of strapping cowboy shows up as her fiancé. This man’s all wrong for the part of her fiancé. There’s no refund on a plan such as hers, and it’s too late to request a replacement actor. She’ll just have to coach this macho cowboy into acting more like a wimp and hope for the best. 

What happens when a perfect plan gets a tangled twist? All hell breaks loose.

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Excerpt #2:
Two seconds later, Callidora heard the creak of the cot. Her friend had abandoned her. So be it. She could handle this. It wasn’t the first humiliation she’d ever suffered. From past experience, she’d learned the best response to embarrassment—act like there was no problem. Slipping a hand through the bars, she gave a wiggly-fingered wave to the pair standing before her. “Hello, Father.”
At her greeting to her father, the handsome stranger’s eyebrows raised as if suddenly surprise.
Dan scratched his whiskered cheek. “Just what the hell are you doing?”
“Getting fresh air?” she offered not so assuredly. A curl drooped over her eye, and she nonchalantly hooked it behind her ear. “What have you been up to?” Her gaze cut to the man in the black cowboy hat, blue chambray shirt and remarkably tight jeans who stood beside her father.
The afternoon sun highlighted the tall stranger’s bronze eyes in such a way they sparkled with amber flecks. His deeply set eyes stared back at her in a half-squinted gaze, making him look dangerous. Excitingly dangerous. “Attractive as hell” came to her mind.
Callidora grabbed hold of the bars, for her legs suddenly became wobbly strands of yarn. Heaven help her, he had to be the most handsome man ever to strut boots in South Pass City, or all of Wyoming Territory for that matter.
Yanking his Stetson hat off his head, the stranger combed his fingers through waves of shoulder length, coffee brown hair. “Hello, ma’am.”
His greeting snapped her senses back to semi-normal, but she could feel the chili-pepper blush burning her cheeks. An all-over tingle caused her heart to flutter. In her entire life, she’d never reacted in such a manner to someone of the opposite gender.

About Linda Gilman:

Historical western romance author Linda Gilman's outrageous novels are vivid depictions of Gold Rush era saloon girls and cowboys that are delighting fans around the globe. The colorful books are full of humorous, independent heroines and wisecracking characters. Linda has become a distinctive voice with her funny stories and quirky historical tales.
Connect with Linda: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon

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