Monday, April 25, 2016

VBT# Stilettos and Scoundrels - Laina Turner

Review: Stilettos and Scoundrels - Book #1 Presley Thurman Mysteries - Laina Turner - March 2010

Are you a fan of Stephanie Plum or Holly Woods ? Do you love reading books about females who love detective work but get into mischief along the way ? I know I do as I have always been interested in the crime solving type books and shows and often I could imagine myself like these characters - always finding trouble.  They are also good books if you want a laugh and wanting a mystery that isn't too gory.  The other thing I loved about Laina Turner's books is that each one has alliteration in the title e.g Book #1 is called Stilettos and Scoundrels . Reading this book made me remember one of my favourite movies called High Heels and Low-Lifes. In this book we meet Presley Thurman who was working in a HR company in Chicago, that was until she lost her job due to her sleazy boss.  Now jobless and needing money, Presley through her best friend Trevor gets a job writing for his newspaper and her first piece is about the new US Senator who is currently in her hometown. Presley travels back home and interviews the Senator and heads to type up the piece and hoping that is it. The thing is he turns up dead and the last person to see him alive and now the number #1 murder suspect is Presley. Now Presley must clear her name unless she wants to spend the rest of her life behind bars , this would have not been too hard of a job but her ex-boyfriend from High School Cooper happens to be the head of Security for the Senator. Now the pair of them must team up to find out not only who killed the US Senator but who is wanting to frame Presley. Stilettos and Scoundrels is filled with not only Romantic Suspense but also some humourous parts along the way.
 Perfect for those looking for a Cozy Chick-lit Mystery .

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