Tuesday, April 26, 2016

VBT# Painting Sky - Rita Branches

Painting Sky

Review: Painting Sky - Rita Branches - April 2016

College for Jane Skylar was supposed to be a brand new experience , as she got to move out of home , study art and live with her boyfriend Along with her brother and her boyfriend's older brother Keith. That was the downside as for as long as Jane can remember her and Keith have never gotten along.  Being at College though is about to go from a perception of easy to one of the most difficult times of her life as she starts to fail art classes and believes her Professor is out to get her , her boyfriend seems to be away studying all the time which leads to her discovery of his cheating and Jane experiences not only friendships, alcohol , other guys for the first time but she will open her eyes to family dynamics and the views of others around her.  During her time at the house, Jane who Keith calls Sky become close as they have art in common and Jane gets to see a loving side of Keith, a side that others don't know exists. Can it be that the one known as the "bad boy" is actually the one that people have been misjudging all along ? Has Jane been dating the wrong brother and believing he was her soulmate and future ? 
Painting Sky was a read that has emotional up and downs, romantic suspense and reminds readers that in order to see the world - we often have to open our eyes properly and look at the tiny details as we often miss all the clues and hints when we look at just the big picture. Remember the old saying "It's all in the details".

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