Saturday, April 23, 2016

VBT# The Randy Romance Novelist - Meghan Quinn

The Randy Romance Novelist 

Review: The Randy Romance Novelist - Book #2 Romance Novelist Series - Meghan Quinn -  April 2016

If you need something to lighten your mood ten plus degrees or just need a really good laugh, then Meghan Quinn is the author for you. If you thought her book The Mother Road was hilarious then you haven't read anything yet as The Randy Romance Novelist takes the funny and LOL Factor up a couple of notches. While reading this book, I actually stopped in lots of places and had to read the funny parts to my partner who was sitting next to me trying to concentrate on his Xbox game and I have to admit , in parts he was like WTH are you reading. In The Randy Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn, we are reunited with Rosie who has finally come to discover that her soulmate Henry had been in front of her all this time and they have been together for three months , are having lots of sex now that Rosie has finally lost her virginity after twenty years to Henry. Reading this I was like WOW - obviously Rosie must have been very sex-deprived as she can't seem to get enough of Henry and then reading the reason I'm like - not looking forward to that. It had LOL moments, lots of sexcepades , favourite parts where Rosie and Henry were trying to re-enact sex scenes out of novels - this was actually interesting reading it as today on Facebook I saw a post that someone had asked which books they should get their boyfriend to read e.g sex scenes in order to try something new and spice up a relationship. I just absolutely loved to pieces the character of Rosie as in quite a few parts, she reminded me of myself.  
I shall finish there as I do not want to spoil the book for others, but will leave with my parting words that this is one of those books that everyone and I mean EVERYONE needs to add to their MUST-READ LISTS for 2016 and Warning you will need tissues - not to wipe tears from sadness, but from the tears running down your face due to laughing so much. This is one freaking HILARIOUS LOL NOVEL.
To add a bit of Kiwiana to the review , borrowing the famous words of McCains's - I say "Meghan Quinn, You Have Done It Again".


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