Monday, April 18, 2016

VBT# Crushed - Layne Gray


Review: Crushed - Layne Gray -  October 2015

Grace feels that her marriage has been lacking substance for a while now , so on a whim and her friends advice - she decides to spice things up by suprising her husband at the airport wearing nothing but a fur coat and some sexy lingerie underneath. Waiting patiently, she spots her husband but just as she takes a step forward - Grace witnesses another woman - a younger woman jumping into her husband's arms. Stunned Grace heads straight to her friend's house - her best friend tells her about a spa called Finedale that helps women in certain situations as it helped her after her divorce. Grace heads away to the spa and finds herself in a whole different world , the spa turns out to be a girl's guide to getting back on the horse - so to say and a time to finding yourself after an affair.  Then later on the book gets a little darker and we find ourselves in the middle of a romantic suspense uncovering secrets and lies from the past and present.  I quite liked reading Crushed as it showed readers that even after her divorce and the rocky beginning that Grace could succeed and stand on her two feet - I enjoyed the fact that near the end she became a strong female character. The other thing I loved was how Crushed caters to everybody's reading needs from those who love reading Women's Fiction to Chick Lit and then in the second half those who love reading Romantic Suspense and Justice stories as law enforcements and undercover characters pop up. The other thing I loved about this book was the fact that it had me remembering about my trip in 2013 to San Francisco and seeing the sights.


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