Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review: Breathless - Cole Gibsen

Are you in the mood for a mermaid book ? One which focuses more above the surface rather than under it ?
Review: Breathless - Cole Gibsen- March 2012
What would you do if your life changed in a flash ? Would you pretend nothing of it and sneak out at night when no-one could see you or would you tell someone even though you know it would seem crazy or far-fetched?
Meet Edith, out one day on a date forced by her Army Stepfather known as "Sir" a tragedy occurs and people will die and others injured badly. Edith though escapes with only a sore shoulder but what saved her in the ocean ? A creature that she can describe as a mermaid, but mermaids can't be real or can they be?
Saved by Bastian - a merman , Edith starts to develop a relationship with him though of course it has been said that Mermaids can't date humans and vice versa, yet the pair feel drawn together. Can Bastian and Edith overcome their mortal and immortal differences or will they realise that even love has to be sacrificed and that even relationships in order to save the friendships and memories made must be disbanded ?
Breathless is a hard review to write without giving the story away but it does tell the tale of how one girl with the help of her newfound friends was able to develop the courage to stand up to those who may cause her harm or in this case those who scare her and bully her whether it be mentally or verbally .
Breathless is a mixture of reality, edgy content with a sprinkle of immortal with the Mermaids storyline. It is one of those stories that is hard to describe in a review and must be read to form your own opinions.
BTW the Mermaids in this book are nothing like those described in Tera Lynn Childs Series "Forgive My Fins" etc.

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