Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Review: The Convenient Bride - Jennifer St Geoge

Continuing on the journey of Penguin's Destiny Romance books , I have to say for someone who isn't normally into the whole Mills and Boons scene. I am really enjoying the Destiny Romance series. Today's review is "The Convenient Bride" by Jennifer St. George.
Review: The Convenient Bride - Jennifer St. George - Septemeber 2012
Following on my journey through Penguin's new line of Destiny Romances, I bring to you Book #3 in my reading "The Convenient Bride" by australian author Jennifer St. George. This book spans between Melbourne and Italy as we meet hoteliers Sienna DeLuca - the Plaza Hotel in Melbourne as been in her family for hundreds of years but now due to debt she has landed herself in an unfortunate situation and her families legacy is about to be brought my multi-millionaire Antonio Morletti - a worldwide famous owner of hotels scattered all around the globe yet he can't get his hands on the one hotel he really wants.  With Sienna , practically begging to do anything to save the hotel and Antonio needing to prove to the hotel owners of the Villa in Italy that he wants to buy , that he's not a playboy enter into a contract of a fake marriage. As we can imagine these fake marriages don't always mesh well with the emotions of both parties, no matter how hard they deny it and try and stick to the whole line of "Im doing this because I have to and I am happy pretending".
When each party gets too close to discovering each others closest and guarded secrets and trust flies out the window - will both parties be able to keep up the charade or will they realise that they have actually developed "real" feelings of love for the other ?
In a way this reminded me of the Christian themed novel by Jenny B. Jones "Save the Date" which follows a similar storyline.
Fast and easy to read , The Convenient Bride by Jennifer St. George offers the romance that normally features in Mills and Boons and tales like this but for some reason , her writing seemed to captivate me as all I can say is that unlike the Mills and Boons fluffiness of romance novels - I have found that the Destiny Romance line has depth in their stories which makes the readers like me hook into more.

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