Saturday, December 15, 2012

Review: Dinner at Rose's - Danielle Hawkins

Heading over to my home country of New Zealand, I bring to you a new Chicklit Author Danielle Hawkins and her debut novel "Dinner at Rose's".
Review: Dinner at Rose's - Danielle Hawkins - May 2012
One of the best joys that I love about reading is not only getting the ability to discover brand new authors and their wonderful arrays of books but also the ability to discover new authors from my very own country of New Zealand.
With a break in writing from Michelle Holman as she is taking a sabbatical and its been a while since Sarah Kate-Lynch has released a novel as well as Kate Langdon, my New Zealand themed books were falling a bit short though of course I have had the wonderful Lee Murray providing me with some respite with her New Zealand novel "A Dash of Reality",
Danielle Hawkins ,raised in Otorohonga has written a New Zealand based novel out in the wop-wops of Waimanu.
After finding her long-term partner of five years in an armchair having sex with her best friend, Josie has decided to hop across the ditch to New Zealand to the hometown of Waimanu where her Honorary Aunt Rose lives along with her sister Hazel and her two children Matt - who is Josie's age and daughter Kim.  Here Josie will discover the true meaning of friendship , secrets and how some secrets are needed to be put into the open for each other to develop the ability to move forward and how even if you aren't searching for it true love and butterflies - the whole works can be right in front of you the whole time - you just need to go with the flow and accept and recognise the signs . This is one of those books where the saying "If you love someone then let them go as when its the right time they will come back to you".

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