Monday, December 31, 2012

Review: Kill Me Softly - Sarah Cross

Are you a fan of fairytales ? Love renditions as much as I do ?
Looking for a new teen read to ring in the New Year as I bring to you the last books read for 2012 on The Phantom Paragrapher.
Review: Kill Me Softly - Sarah Cross - April 2012
As the year comes to a close, I have decided to participate in a New Years Read-a-thon and see how many books I can read till I ring in the New Year. The first on the list is Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross.
Are you a fan of fairytales? Love reading the modern and contemporary renditions of the tales? I have always had a thing for fairytale novels and especially renditions of not only classics like The Flight of Gemma Hardy by Margot Livesy which was a 1950/1960's rendition of Jane Eyre but also of fairytales hence my latest phase of Kristine Grayson's books.
Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross falls into that category as we meet Mirabelle aka Mira whose birthday is coming up fast , all she wants in the world is to find out what happened to her parents when she was little in the smalltown of Beau Rivage. Every year she has asked her guardians and they have forbidden her to go, so this year weeks before her birthday she decides to runaway to Beau Rivage. It is here though, that she seems to stumble across some not only unsavoury characters like Blue , but also meet some odd and handsome ones . Each person though in Beau Rivage - well at least in the group of friends that Mira has stumbled across are harbouring dark secrets. They are all in fact ancestors of the fairytale stories and what has happened each time to their ancestors will happen to them if they are marked with the fairytales birthmark scar.
For Mira, she is about to discover that her place in the world stands by the fairytale of Sleeping Beauty. What will trigger her slumber and will her prince be the one she falls in love with or will this fairytale end up taking a different but forbidden angle ?
Find out more in the Fairytale world of Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross , this fateful New Years Eve.

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