VBT# Going Nowhere - KM Galvin


Review: Going Nowhere - KM Galvin -  Twenty-Something Series -January 2014

Have you just graduated from College/University and now you are at the point where you have a degree that took you so long to earn it but you can't find work with it ? I know what that's like as I'm finding it difficult to find work in my degree field, so am continuing on with my previous job at the library. Going Nowhere features and highlights the issue of being jobless , stuck and feeling like a failure once you have finished college.  Marisol has just graduated with a degree in History and aims to work in a museum but she cannot find work , so with no other option in sight, she heads back home to live with her parents and find whatever job she can scrape up. It's at the local pub she meets her guardian angel of sorts - the bartender Jason Scott , he has a job offer for her . To help out his sister by looking after and being a nanny to her son Michael. Though, this was never Marisol's plan , she finds herself taking the job and with that she finds herself a new family and friends. Will this job be the start of something new in the relationship department or will their stubborness and obliviousness get in the way of things not just once but twice ?
Find out in Going Nowhere , a book for Twenty-Somethings who have just graduated and are stuck in life.



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