Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Review: According to Jane - Marilyn Brant

This book I remember reading years ago , probably around the time it was first released as it was before I had even considered running a book review blog which is I started in July 2010. This was back when I was a carefree reader and never had to worry about writing reviews about the books I read. It's funny as now writing reviews on books I have read are a part of my life and I couldn't imagine not doing it now.
If you are like me and call yourself an Austenite , then you will love According to Jane as Marilyn Brant's brings us an Austen inspired novel.  It starts off when the main female lead Ellie Barnett is sitting in English class and is being annoyed by Sam Blaine - the male lead as usual. The class are being handed their next book to read - Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen as Ellie -hoping for a distraction opens the book when she hears a voice. Looking around, she can't find the source but it warns her that Sam is a Mr. Wickham type character. Turns out the voice is that of Jane Austen herself. As the years pass by,  the voice of Jane stays with Ellie as she goes through different relationships and parts of her life.  Years later , Ellie runs into Sam who is now a Doctor and off to Med School and in a relationship and her in a dead end. Every couple of years, Sam and Ellie run into each other but the voice of Jane still warns her away from him . Eventually though , it seems that fate keeps putting Ellie and Sam in each other's paths and as 30 comes along, Ellie realises that she doesn't want to end up a spinster and miss her one chance at love as Jane Austen did and finally will Ellie ignore Jane's advice and do things her way ? What would you do if you had the voice of Jane Austen in your head - would you follow her advice or ignore it ?
Find out in Marilyn Brant's novel "According to Jane" today.

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