Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Review: Adrenaline Rush - Cindy M. Hogan

Adrenaline Rush (Christy, #1)

Review: Adrenaline Rush - Book #1 Christy Novel - Cindy M. Hogan - October 2013

Christy as we can gather is the youngest member of a CIA group and as we get to know her I am guessing she is a teenager - so Christy ends up being a teen spy. I had hoped that we might have been able to get some background on how Christy ended up with the CIA as she seems not like the daring type of person and to be a teen spy - they normally go hand in hand as normally in first books , we get to read a little background. Adrenaline Rush however as the title says rushes into Christy's first mission. She has enrolled in a new high school and is pretending to be an adrenaline junkie in order to get into a particular clique at high school as teens who fit this profile from all around the surrounding states have been going missing and assumed kidnapped and lost. As Christy gets into both groups, she finds a side she never really explored where Adrenaline and doing daring events is actually fun and holds a rush. She even starts to fall in love with her first boyfriend who unfortunately is one of the guys she is supposed to be monitoring but how can he be involved , when he's so sweet . She soon achieves her goal and finds herself one of the kidnapped and she is transported to a compound and is thrown into a world called "Circus of Freaks" where the kidnappes are forced to do defying acts. This part reminded me a bit of a dystopian type camp , as the months pass Christy has to hope that her handler and friend Jeremy will come for her. But in the meanwhile , she must pool her resources and find a way to escape, what will happen though when the one person she thought she could trust and had started to fall in love is the son of the mastermind behind this experiemental brainwash camp ? The compound reminded me a cross between when the Dauntless were chipped and when those who escaped from the Maze in Maze Runner ended up in the facility where they thought they were safe.

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