Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Review: After Anna - Alex Lake

After Anna 

Review: After Anna - Alex Lake - July 2015

After Anna was quite a fast paced reader as something that I enjoy every now and again is a fast paced mystery novel. The book starts off with Julia running late to pick up her daughter as she is a divorce attorney and her phone is dead , everything is just not going her way. She arrives to school 1/2 hour later to pick up her daughter to discover she is not there. Anna is five years old and has been kidnapped and drugged . This starts the story as Anna's parents aren't on the greatest terms anyway as they have been considering a separation and now with Anna missing , things are about to get even worse as Brian and Julia must face the facts and reality that their daughter may not return home. During the week , Julia is put through the ringer and painted as a bad and neglectful mother and someone is leaking her personal life and problems and taking things out of context for the world to see. Brian can't believe this is happening again as twenty years ago his father disappeared without a trace and has not been seen/heard from again ever since. One week later , Anna returns home safe and sound but their problems haven't stopped in fact for Julia it has escalated as Brian's nasty mother is trying to take Anna from her and causing Brian to fight for full custody. Soon it will be Julia's world coming crashing down around her , but who is behind it all ? Who wants to see her destroyed or even worst dead ? In parts of this book, I did have my suspicions on who was behind certain attacks but in terms of Anna's kidnapper - I didn't see that coming.
After Anna if you love quick mysteries and ones that get you hooked from the very first page, then Alex Lake is one UK author that you will need to add to your must read list today.


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