Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Review: All For Anna - Nicole Deese

All for Anna (Letting Go #1)

Review: All For Anna - Book #1 Letting Go Series - Nicole Deese - January 2013

Have you ever had something happen that has made you feel guilty and because of that guilt, you felt like you shouldn't live or be able to enjoy your life ? One fateful night is all it took for Victoria's life to fall apart , as she decided to drive home one wet night and an accident occured which lead to a six year old girl named Anna dying in Victoria's arms . That night, her life fell apart and she ran away for a year , now circumstances have caused her to come back home and she has gotten a job as a trauma nurse in the local hospital. Due to her past though, Victoria has to commit to sessions with the hospital's shrink before she can do any extra hours or be on-call. Meanwhile , Victoria has caught the eye of one of the local paramedics and family friend Kai - he's Samoan which I loved that the author had inputed the Pacific Island culture into the novel which made it a little closer to home for me as living in New Zealand we have quite a few Pacific Islanders living here and we have in the past had Samoan friends. Can Victoria learn to let people in or will she continue to close herself off to the world with the thoughts that she doesn't deserve to be alive ? When Victoria runs into Anna's mother can she learn to forgie herself as she learns that no-one except herself blames her for that evening when Anna died ? 
All for Anna was quite an Emotional read and had a few tissue moments as the book is raw as we process what the guilt did and caused Victoria to feel and experience. The other thing I enjoyed about this book was that it not only has that Medical theme which I lately have been enjoying Code Black and Chicago Med , but also has a Christian thread to the story as the characters attend church and in the end God speaks to Victoria.
I am now looking forward to reading the rest of the series Letting Go.

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