Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Review: All That's Bright - Short Story Collection - Various Authors

All That's Bright: A Romantic Holiday Collection

Review : All That's Bright - Short Story Collection - Various Authors - December 2014

In the mood for Short Stories ? Wanting something quick to read ? In All That's Bright we are given two short stories and then a couple of sneak peeks into some New Adult titles . The first short story is called A Beautifully Broken Christmas Story and features Pax Tate and his wife Mia - They were from the book by Courtney Cole "If You Stay" . The next story was The Wedding by Fisher Amelie and if you can recall Spencer was Sophie's best male friend in her first book Vain which is part of the Seven Deadly Sins series . In Book #2 of the series Greed - Spencer gets his own story where he meets Caroline and in All That's Bright we celebrate the union of Spencer and Caroline . Then to grab a snippet of a couple of books which back in December 2014 were upcoming titles - we have a Taste of Courtney Cole's book Notce and readers, if you haven't yet discovered or read this series - there are four books which include a novella and are definitely worth reading and last but not least we have a Taste of Charming which is the first chapter to Krystal Wade's book Charming which readers is a venture into the world of Dark Romance.
There's something for everyone in this Romantic Collection of Short Stories "All That's Bright".

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