Saturday, March 5, 2016

VBT# The Perfect Life - Erin Noelle

The Perfect Life

Review: The Perfect Life - Erin Noelle - February 2016

Monroe Cassidy had the perfect life all set up for her as she had a loving husband , a stable life and she was the head of Mending Hearts in Boston which was a centre for abused children and her marriage bond was unshakeable. All this was her life as long as she played along as behind doors - her marriage was a sham, but not in an evil abusive way. The thing was that her husband had a secret and behind closed doors, the secret was lived. All she had to do to keep her perfect life was play by the rules and since Colin - her husband was her soulmate , this was easy for Monroe as no-one had ever cared for her as much as Colin had. All was well with the world until the night of a fundraiser for the new Mending Heart houses in Boston where Monroe met Dr. Oliver Saxton whom was busy working at the Chicago branch of Mending Hearts and soon would be spending alot of time with Monroe on getting the new house up and running. Monroe has never wavered or felt the need to break the rules, but as she spends more and more time with Oliver , she starts to wonder if living by the rules is in fact the way to live and whether or not living her perfect life is the right way to be ? As she has never expressed unhappiness or feelings towards another person until now ? What will happen when someone from Colin and Monroe's past decides to hurt them as she wants Colin ? What will happen when "The Perfect Couple's" life is exposed to the public and truths, lies and secrets are revealed ? Will this be the push that all parties of the marriage need to realise that living their so-called life and what the public percieve to be perfect isn't healthy and that in order to grow , they need to become the "real" them - a thing that neither can be with the other person ? Not to give the story away, but I liked the theme of this book as it got me wondering, as it is a tale I have seen far too often between best friends (male and female) in books and movies whether it could work in real life or not ? The other thing that I loved most about this book was the charity work Monroe did with Mending Hearts, as a dream of mine has always been to do something like this but unfortunately wasn't a field I could easily move into or have access to.  The Perfect Life is another awesome book with a great cover to match by Erin Noelle.

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