Thursday, March 3, 2016

VBT# A Slip of the Tongue - Jessica Hawkins


Slip of the Tongue 

Review: Slip of the Tongue - Jessica Hawkins - February 2016

 What would you do if you could get a taste of What if - type of life ? Would you take the chance or would you just sit and wonder ? For these two neighbours , they are about to take the chance after a lot of deliberation. Finn has just moved next door to Sadie and the pair of them strike up a conversation and become really good friends as Sadie's husband Nathan is never home and the past couple of months, he has been really distant from her and Finn is all by his lonesome. A few weeks past , and Sadie discovers that Finn is married as his wife and child Marissa arrive at the apartment. This makes Sadie wonder what else he is hiding ? Meanwhile Sadie's husband is becoming even more distant and she has found a red stain on his tie and she becomes convinced he is having an affair especially when he won't even accept her advances towards sex. About halfway through the novel , Finn and Sadie are still close and decide to take things to the next level by sleeping together which we all knew by the first meeting that this is where it was going to head. We discover that all is not what it seems as turns out Finn and Sadie have met before and we readers start to wonder whether fate is giving Finn and Sadie a second chance at what might have been the first time they met especially since both their relationships are on the rocks and remember readers, I have recently finished a few books before Affairytale which mentioned that sometimes for True Love to appear and happen, an affair may be the only way to ignite it so that was stuck in my head as I was reading A Slip of the Tongue. Without giving away the ending of this book, I will finish in saying I was surprised at how it finished and the direction that the author took with all the characters, in a way it was quite refreshing to have something a little different than your usual suspects.

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