Monday, April 11, 2016

Review: Ever After High - The Storybook of Legends - Shannon Hale

Part of my job as a Children's and Teen Services Librarian, is to have a look at the new books that arrive in that section and then a personal love of mine is reading renditions of fairytales and legends.  I have also enjoyed Shannon Hale's adult book Austenland , so when I saw the Ever After High . I decided to give it a go and I found myself loving it . If you read the series School of Good and Evil or watched the movie The Descendants - Disney Channel you will love Ever After High and I could see them making this into a TV series. Ever After High is a boarding school for the children of the characters in fairytales - both good and evil as well as minor characters like the Mad Hatter's daughter "Madeline". The Storybook of Legends tells the story of Apple White (Snow White's Daughter) and Raven ( Evil Queen's Daughter). Likewise in The Descendants's movie Raven doesn't want to be evil , in fact she wishes she could be one of the heroes or a Good Queen as she hates Evil. It is lead-up day to signing their pledge in the Storybook of Legends which will seal their fate in their stories and according to Headmaster Grimm's speech - if one of them does not sign, then their story will cease to exist and the characters will disappear forever.  Raven does some digging and discovers years ago , a girl named Bella Sister didn't sign - what happened to Bella ? Will Raven's rebellion cause other's not to sign ? What will happen to the story of Snow White if Raven doesn't sign ? Will Apple's life be cut short too without her Villian in the tale ?
I have put the rest of the series on order in the library as I am looking forward to seeing what the outcome of this series is.
Fans of Fairytales and Renditions will love Ever After High series by Shannon Hale.


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