Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Review: Heartbreaker - Melody Grace



Review: Heartbreaker - Melody Grace - March 2016

We all have a list of authors that we will automatically read everything that is released by them and we know that we will love every single page of the story or at least we hope to god that we do. For me , Melody Grace is one of those authors on the list as I loved every other book that she has written and Heartbreaker was no different.  Taking a step away from Beachwood Bay and The Callahans, we were given a new stand-alone story set in a small town called Oak Harbor.  In Oak Harbor just gliding along in life is Eva. Five years ago, she had big dreams and was head over heels for Finn McCay - the bad boy everyone wanted from the wrong side of the tracks. Nobody knew about their relationship and then the day of graduation arrived and Finn was gone from her life without a single word. Now Five Years passed and Finn McCay became a big Music Star and Eva - was home now working as a office assistant in a local real estate agent office with her best friend. She tried her dream in New York, but discovered she wasn't cut out for the life that it came with.  Finn McCay is now back in Oak Harbor and he has one thing on his mind - Eva as he has not stopped loving her. Will Eva give her heart back to Finn or will she protect and guard it as she never wants to go through the same feelings she did five years ago as it wrecked her and turned her into someone she never wanted to be . Also there happens to be a new vet Sawyer in town who also has his eyes on Eva ? Which one will Eva choose ? Will she stick with a new relationship with new Vet Sawyer or will she give her heart to the one who shattered it into tiny pieces five years ago ? 
Find out in another amazing New Adult Romance by an equally awesome author Melody Grace.  If you have not yet read a book by Melody Grace, then it's time to crawl out from the rock you have been hiding from and check out her selection of books.

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