Thursday, April 7, 2016

VBT# A Better Man - Candis Terry

A Better Man (Sunshine Creek Vineyard, #1)

Review : A Better Man - Book #1 Sunshine Creek Vineyard Novel - Candis Terry - March 2016

Are you in the mood for a sweet romance, one that you don't have to think much about ? The type of book where you can just curl up and relax too and once you have finished it , you can exhale an audible sigh as you are wrapped up in the world of a sweet romance love story ? If so, then Candis Terry's new series Sunshine Creek Vineyard - A Better Man is the book for you. In this series, we focus on the Kincaid family and Book #1 stars Jordan Kincaid - a famous NHL Hockey player who is gracing the courts as a big shot. That is until he recieves news that his parents have passed away in an accident and now all the family are back at the Vineyard which is older brother has been handling. When Jordan arrives home though, things are a bit on edge especially since he has been away from the family for a while and his little sister Nicole is now 17 and has that teenage attitude to boot. She has been failing her classes especially Creative Writing and Jordan has agreed to meet the teacher. Turns out that the teacher Lucy and Jordan go way back to high school and on the night of their high school prom Jordan actually stood Lucy up. Their first few meetings are met with resistance as he has already broken her heart once again and all Lucy can see is the cocky sports player. As the novel goes along though, we read as the pair may discover that they have found each other's true loves ? The other thing that I liked about this book was watching the relationships between Jordan and his family grow stronger.
If you want a Sweet Contemporary Romance to put a "spring" in your bounce then check out "A Better Man" by Candis Terry today.

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  1. Lovely review. Thank you for hosting A BETTER MAN today!

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