Wednesday, April 6, 2016

VBT#: Counting Stars - Jordan Deen

Counting Stars 

Review: Counting Stars - Jordan Deen - April 2016

Often I wonder what it would be like to have been born into a wealthy family, but then I read books like Counting Stars and you discover and think how really it isn't all it is cracked up to be and that with having lots of money likewise being on the other end of the scale there are sacrifices that must be made and rules that have to be followed. More often than not there are higher expectations for those who come from wealthy families to be the best at everything and to follow the set of rules made exclusively for them like marrying someone in the same or higher league , wearing the right clothes and following correct ettiquette . In Counting Stars this is a main theme and even more so since this book is set in the South where the world of Debutantes and Junior Leagues and correct manners are huge. Madison comes from a family of money and has spent her life bending to her parent's rules especially when it comes to fratenising with her father's clients children. When the latest of her father's escapades lands Madison with having to hang out with one of the wrong side of the track guys Mickey D aka Rand , Madison is dreading it. Though the more time she spends with him , she actually realises what it is to have fun and have the freedom to finally be herself - and be in a world for even a few minutes where there is no expectations placed upon her. What will happen though when just as she starts to fall for him, the guy whom her family hope for her to marry asks her out ? Will Madison follow family protocol or will she stand up for what she wants especially when it turns out that Liam - the guy she is supposed to marry has a secret as well ? Find out in Counting Stars by Jordan Deen . A book where we discover that no matter what anyone says Love is not a Luxury and that even if we have to push boundaries, we can all experience the true feeling of it.


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