Saturday, April 2, 2016

VBT # Hunter - Blaire Drake


Review: Hunter - Blaire Drake - March 2016

After really enjoying Blaire Drake's first book "Dear Professor" , I was curious to read her new release Hunter.  This one of course was a whole different pretense. Hunter started with a girl and her mother disappearing off in the middle of the night , then flipped to ten years later.  Ten years ago, Adriana aka Addy and her mother Alexandria discovered  that her father had sold her off as part of a debt and in order to save Addy, her mother planned for them to escape and run away and be safe which they had for ten years . Addy is known as the Princess of a Mafia clan. Her mother was the Queen as it ran in her bloodlines but her father wanted to be the Don and be the one in charge and as long as Addy and her mother were alive that would never happen. Flip to present time and Addy is now 23 years old and her mother has been dead for the past couple of years, she finally thought she had nothing to worry about. Though things are about to change as her father has discovered that they are alive and has sent his best assassin to kill them . Hunter aka Carlo has been an assassin for Addy's father since he was young and is the best there is and now he has been sent to kill Addy and her mother. It's not going to be an easy task as Addy has not only protection but when they reconnect, the love and chemistry that they had when they were younger is still there and now that they are adults it's even stronger. With a three day deadline until her father sends someone else, can Hunter keep Addy safe and himself alive ? For me , I found the pace a bit slow for my liking as it started off really intense and exciting and then once we got to the twenty years later, it started to slow but if you love Mobster stories and Assassin tales then you will love Hunter by Blaire Drake.

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