Tuesday, April 5, 2016

VBT# Music Notes - Lacey Black

Music Notes

Review: Music Notes - Lacey Black - March 2016

Are you looking for a new Music based novel to read ? Sick of the Rock Star falling in love type books though ? Music Notes starts off with single mother Layne being entered by her mother into a new reality TV show called "Rising Star". It is like The Voice meets American Idol where the contestants have to sing and then one of the judges or more will raise their flag - saying "I WANT YOU".  Layne is one of the oldest ones there and doesn't think she has a chance, but when she arrives for her audition - all the judges want her. She should go for her first pick -Felix a music producer but she is being drawn to Beau Tanner - a country singer.  Suprisingly, Layne picks Beau and since she has no interest or knowledge in Country Music she is going to have to work harder than the other team members. More so since she keeps being put up against her roommate who is a Country Music Diva.  As the book goes along, we read as Layne has natural talent and the crowds love her , but also so does Beau Tanner and in their contracts it states relationships between co-stars are ok, but judges are a  big No-No. Can Layne stay concentrated on the show or will the rumours of her and Beau get to her and make her falter or question her talent ? What I liked about Music Notes was near the ending the author has done something a bit different for readers - she has given readers the choice to choose their own ending for Layne . She can either go through the Safe Door or the Dangerous Door ? What I loved about Music Notes was not only the fast-paced and the behind the scenes of the reality TV world - Lacey Black also let the book no matter which ending you chose had a HEA one way or another.  As this was a stand-alone novel , I really enjoyed the author's writing style and am looking forward to seeing what else Lacey Black's brings to the world of writing.

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