Thursday, April 7, 2016

VBT# Trial by Fire - Chris Cannon

Trial By Fire (Going Down in Flames, #3)

Review: Trial by Fire - Book #3 Going Down in Flames Series - Chris Cannon - April 2016

Our favourite teen dragon shifter Bryn is back with Book #3 Trial by Fire. In a couple of ways I was a little disappointed with this read as I was under the impression that it was to be a trilogy and was hoping for a closure and some answers to questions in the first couple of books and also that the ending of Book #2 - the amazing cliffhanger wasn't really captured and talked about in Book #3 - it was slightly glanced over and only had a small handful of mentions in Trial by Fire. In a way parts of this book felt rushed as we only got snippets of stories. On the upside I did enjoy the read as I love this series and I can't wait to read the next book :). The school is back in session, though with more wounded dragons after a series of attacks left the dragons fighting for their survival. Bryn is getting closer to her grandparents - even her grandfather seems to be warming up to her which considering he is like the King of Dragons and a Blue - this is excellent news for Bryn. The one thing Bryn isn't too happy about is that her marriage to Jaxon is still pending especially when her feelings for her Knight Valmont are coming in thick and strong. In Trial by Fire , it does discuss a bit of background about the dangers of separation if a bonded Knight and Dragon seperate ways if the connection is still there as Bryn and Valmont discover a hidden archive of library books and scrolls. One of the parts I was hoping for with more information was about the different hybrids that they discovered at the end of Book #2. In Book #3 , Bryn meets a couple of Hybrids Adam and Eve and learns about hidden dragon communities where hybrids are seen as normal people and not the oddity she has been treated as.
If you love teen fiction , romance, dragon shifting, fantasy and a semi-fast paced novel then Book #3 in the Going Down in Flames Series - Trial by Fire is the read for you.

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