VBT# The Rise - Shari Low and Ross King

Review: The Rise - Shari Low and Ross King - Book #1 Hollywood - August 2014

This book came across my inbox as part of the Xpresso Book Tours and sounded interesting and I also loved the cover. It screamed a mystery feel to it. The book starts with three friends in 1993 accepting an Oscar for their movie at the Academy Awards - The Brutal Truth directed by Wes Lomax. After the movie awards, you could feel the tension and the three vowed to never talk to each other again and went their separate ways. Fast forward twenty years and the three are still part of the Hollywood industry, worth millions, and have done everything they can to forget their past lives of twenty years ago before they came to LA from Scotland. Davie is an award-winning producer, Mirren- a writer whose series is being made into its 5th film, and Zander - is a Hollywood action hero. All goes well, until now when a reporter from The Daily Scot - Sarah threatens to unravel the dark secret that kept the three connected. Can the three relive the worst experience and time of their lives and get past it or will it threaten to destroy them once and for all? Find out in this past/present novel with past Scotland/LA and present LA.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3dPcZ7c


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