VBT# Finding Destiny - Christa Simpson


Review: Finding Destiny - Christa Simpson - February 2014

Destiny is one of those girls that reminded me a cross between Meryl Streep's character in Mamma Mia and the main female character in the movie I Hate Valentine's Day. This Valentine's day, Destiny had planned for her and her two best friends Felicia and Natalie to have a spa weekend being the one's pampered and looked after. However, as we know the big guys up stairs that like to control the weather often have other things in plan and this Valentine's Day has called for a major snow storm. The snow storm leaves the girls stranded and eventually rescued by three handsome brothers on their snow bikes. However, this Valentine's Day will be interesting as one of the guys is taken which only leaves two and there are three of them. It should be alright though as Destiny has made it clear , she is not in the mood for another jerkwad guy to mess with her emotions. Though it seems Fate has something else planned this Valentine's Day as Skylar might just be the perfect guy for Destiny, if only he could break down a few of her walls and get her to trust him.
Find out in this quick novella read for a nice "Valentine's Day" read.



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