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Review: Mail-Order Groom - Cindy Flores Martinez - February 2014

Lisa is about to get married and have it all as the wedding she has been planning is nearing the last and final details. That is until the day before the wedding, her fiance Jeff decides it's over and he is sick of hearing about the wedding and has found someone who will appreciate him . Meanwhile Lisa, has a whole wedding planned and needs someone to fill in the gap for Groom as no matter what happens, she will get married today. Enter the website Mail-order Grooms which Daphne finds , this site is filled with mostly hunks looking for brides etc in order to get Green Cards and citizenship in America. Lisa finds herself scouring the site for the perfect stand-in husband and picks Krzysztof Zielinski - a Polish baker. He also happens to be "The Bookstore Guy" , someone who has caught Lisa's eye over the last few months. The pair get married and soon their romantic feelings develop for each other - but not before Jeff comes waltzing back in to take back Lisa as he proclaims the cliched line " I can't live without you in my life". Who will Lisa choose Krzysztof - the guy she has started to fall for or Jeff - the one who got away ?
Find out which Groom , Lisa will finally and officially marry in Mail-Order Groom by Cindy Flores Martinez.
The Mail-Order Groom is a fun read and puts a new spin on the Mail Order business as we are used to it mainly being Brides not Grooms. 


  1. Thank you so much for taking time to read my novel Mail-Order Groom and write a review.


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