Review: The Best Kept Secret - Wendi Nunnery

The Best Kept Secret

Review: The Best Kept Secret - Wendi Nunnery - June 2015

If you enjoy high school novels , then this is the read for you as we meet Emma who is entering in with her best friends to tenth grade. When she recieves news that her best friend Andy just had sex behind the bleachers , at this point her heart breaks in two and makes me think of the reaction that Rosie had when her best friend Alex broke the news in the movie Love, Rosie. It seems that everyone is out having sex and that leaves Emma the virgin still.  As the year goes on, secrets become the in-thing and soon Emma feels like she doesn't even know her friends and what is happening in their lives now.  Emma is then asked to the school prom by the most popular guy in their school Deegan Burke and when Emma thinks that having this new status will change her life and be that "wow" moment, she will discover that being on top isn't as glamourous as it seems when you are actually in the "crowd". Soon secrets will start unravelling her perfect life she has created and Emma will discover that the people she thought she knew and loved , cared for - she really doesn't know them at all. The Best Kept Secret is a great teen angst novel where you will discover who your "real true" friends are and often the results will surprise you.  Like most teen angst novels, The Best Kept Secret will send you on an emotional roller-coaster of a ride.



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