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Review: Before the Fall - Noah Hawley

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Before the Fall 

Review: Before The Fall - Noah Hawley - May 2016

 Maybe I am one for irony, and also I know a book is a book. Before The Fall is about a plane crash and guesses where I was when I started reading it. I was sitting in a plane flying to Texas. Before the Fall by Noah Hawley was an intense read and it delves into the aftermaths of plane crashes and how easily people's perceptions of others can change the course of how others are viewed as either the hero or the villain. Before The Fall takes a hard look at what goes on before an accident and what can happen afterward and how those small decisions that we make every day can have deadly consequences. From someone being invited onto a plane and surviving.  To finding a little boy and helping him. To rejecting someone at a bar as you didn't want to have a relationship with them. These tiny decisions can affect all of our lives and those around us, and the scary thing is at the time we make those decisions, we don't often realize the consequences and actions that could spur from that particular decision.  Eleven people one night decided to fly in a private airplane, less than 30 minutes later nine people would be dead, and there would only be two survivors.  Before The Fall looks at the lead-up lives of everyone on that airplane and also the way that one action can change people's perceptions. Before the Fall was a slow-paced novel, but at the same time, the writing kept you intrigued and wanted you to keep going as you felt invested in all the characters.  Before the Fall by Noah Hawley has also I read today just recently won the Edgar Award for best mystery novel. If you want a book that will make you think about all the decisions we make and the consequences and actions, check out Before the Fall by Noah Hawley today.

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